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Managing Director / Vital Capital

Nimrod is the Managing Partner of Vital Capital Fund and a member of its Investment Committee. He has 20 years of ground-level operational experience implementing investments, partnerships, and projects in Africa and emerging markets, that deliver environmental and societal impact at scale.

Nimrod focuses on creating economic growth that directly impacts on urban and rural communities through projects and investments such as sustainable infrastructure, food production, agro-industry, healthcare, and more. Nimrod is experienced in the private sector and government engagements, covering a variety of business models, investment strategies, and financing structures.

Nimrod is a Selected Member of the World Economic Forum RAGA and Strategy Officer, a member of The Africa Leadership Council in Global Private Capital Association (GPCA), and a member of executive consultation groups of OECD and others. He served as a Board member of multiple medium and large enterprises in growth markets.

Nimrod regularly shares his experience and thoughts on topics such as Impact Investing & ESG, investing opportunities in food, healthcare, water, and sustainable infrastructure, development opportunities in Africa, and more as a guest and a speaker at relevant conferences such as World Economic Forum, Super Returns, AFSIC and more as well as through various articles and interviews.

Nimrod graduated with a B.Sc. in Computer Science and Philosophy from Tel Aviv University and an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv Open University.