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CEO / Founder / Ejara

Nelly Chatue-Diop is CEO and co-founder of Ejara.

She holds an engineering degree in computer science as well as an MBA from

HEC Paris and London Business School.

After a 15+ years successful career as a Tech Executive in various multinationals, she co-founded Ejara in 2020 which aims to democratize access to investment and savings for people in Francophone Africa and its diaspora.

The start-up, operational in 10+ countries in Francophone Africa, has over 150,000 users and raised $10 million since inception.

Nelly is a recognized leader in the data space and a strong advocate for financial inclusion in Africa and the potential of blockchain to transform the continent.

A journey that allowed her to win the Margaret Africa 2023 Award in the entrepreneur category

Nelly is also the author of « Web3, blockchain, jetons, cryptomonnaies, NFT, DAO : une révolution décentralisée pour tous » published in 2023