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Mamadou Bocar SY

CEO / Banque de l'Habitat du Sénégal (BHS)
Mamadou Bocar SY

A graduate of the Centre d’Etudes Financières Economiques et Bancaires (CEFEB), with a DES in Bank Management from Paris 1 and a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Dakar, Mr. Sy has over the past 30 years actively participated in the emergence of a strong real estate sector in Senegal and Africa.
By working for the erection of a strong institutional and technical framework to promote the participation of financial institutions in the support of the said sector, Mr. Sy is part of the cohort of bank managers who have made Senegal and Africa a reference pole of real estate financing.
First at the Banque de l’Habitat du Sénégal, then at the BICIS as Director of Real Estate Affairs, which he created from scratch, he returned to his roots in 2006 as Deputy Managing Director of the BHS. There, he accentuated the Bank’s operational strength, initiated the improvement of the quality of service and strengthened the proximity of the BHS to promoters and clients.
Today, as Managing Director of the BHS, he and his team are committed to exporting the “BHS Model” and to advocating for multilateral housing finance in Africa.

President of the Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions of Senegal, he is also a member of the Board of Directors of the CRRH-UEMOA, where he chairs the Risk Committee.