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Founder & CEO / Semoa Group

Edem ADJAMAGBO, born in Togo, is the CEO and founder of Semoa. Graduating in Decisional Computer Science from Polytech’Nantes, he grew up in Lomé before settling in Nantes for his engineering studies. After gaining experience in companies in the Nantes region, Edem embraced entrepreneurship in 2013, aspiring to become the “Paypal of Africa.”

With a trans-Mediterranean vision, Edem has managed to combine his love for Africa and his gratitude towards France, his adopted country. In 2013, he created Semoa, a fintech pioneer in financial inclusion via Whatsapp in West Africa. Through “Whatsapp Banking,” Semoa offers banks an innovative customer relationship and remote banking tool. Additionally, Semoa provides a mass payment solution via mobile money, catering to the needs of the unbanked.

With its Cashpay platform, Semoa aims to facilitate money transfers for medical expenses, allowing Togolese pharmacies and soon clinics to issue invoices payable remotely. Edem’s ultimate vision is to establish a panafrican payment hub in Togo, where every merchant or institution can issue an invoice and receive payments through any application, whether linked to mobile money or the banking system.