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Maureen Katuvesirauina

Global Housing Finance Specialist, IFC /
Maureen Katuvesirauina

Over 15 years experience in housing finance, structured finance, financial institutions, and capital markets. Prior to joining IFC she spent a couple of years at the African Development Bank (AfDB) working with African Financial Institutions with a focus on financial inclusion strategy development, and unlocking local currency lending to the SME sector specifically segments that are underserved such as women and youth enterprises 

Before joining the African Development Bank, she spent 8 years of her career at Shelter Afrique, a Regional Housing Finance institution in Africa. At Shelter Afrique, she led investments and advisory programs for affordable housing finance in sub-Saharan Africa including mortgage market development, capital market transactions, mortgage refinancing facilities, PPP structures for delivery of affordable housing developments, project finance transactions, and asset-liability modeling for primary mortgage banks 

Maureen’s holds a masters degree in Development Finance from the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town, South Africa